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Dear Members, I thought that it might be a nice time to think about our accomplishments during the first six months of the Rotary year. Please let me know what you think.

Sincerely, Joe



July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017


I think that we have all had a very productive and fun first six months of the Rotary Year. This is a summary of some of the CLUB’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS, but is in no way a comprehensive report.

We have accomplished the following projects so far:

We have started the CART Project in our Club which, in conjunction with many other Rotary Clubs collects pocket change at every meeting to help eradicate Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to Chair Scott and Olive and Sandra we have made a good start on this program and have collected funds every week.


The District Tree Planting Project has been embraced by our Club with individuals planting trees along with participation in the District Tree Planting Day at the Anacostia Watershed. Thanks to Carrie for her leadership and the participation of most if not all, of our members.


Billy led our involvement this year in our annual Dictionary Project at a local elementary school. The children loved the books and they also learned a little bit about our Rotary Club.


Our members actively participated in this year’s Thanksgiving Basket Project donating food and funds for the local foodbank. The people were lined up at the food bank to get our donated turkeys and food. What a heart warming and great project. Thanks go to Chair Billy and Olive and Sandra as our leaders.


Dr. Bill found a charity that needed help in providing hygiene items such as tooth brushes and paste, shave cream, etc. Our members responded with big bags of these items. This is a local project which helps us with our goal of enhanced local community involvement.


Our annual Holiday Stocking Project which provides gifts for the children of the local Detention Center prisoners. Chair Mary coordinated this wonderful activity and everyone in the Club participated. Mary also got Rev. Penn to speak to the Club about how much we help these children. It made you feel warm inside.


We have continued to donate books to the Library Project at Dr. Bill’s office and will hopefully increase our participation in the second half of the year.

We involved ourselves in the Bill Gate’s Mosquito Net project and have gotten several other Rotary Clubs to participate. You only had to fill out a questionnaire on the internet and the Gates Foundation purchased a mosquito net for those at risk for malaria in an African county for each survey that was completed. Pat headed up this project and got staff members at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to participate.


The Club donated $100 in the name of each of our members to the Rotary Foundation to meet the annual District goal for our Club. Bob headed this project. Many of our members have repaid the Club for this donation.

We have had several fundraising activities. These activities include participation in two Bowie Yard Sales (one just prior to this Rotary year) earning close to a $1000 for our Foundation.


Sandra was able to secure a donation of 100 - 120 stuffed animals. She will chair a committee of Rotarians to find the best local place to donate these stuffed animals.


We also again participated in the Redskins’ Concession Stand Project. Bob was again our leader and managed help us earn over $4000 for the Foundation although our participation was limited in part due to member health issues. Scott, Wilmya, Pete, Judy, Ed, Billy and, of course, Bob and Phyllis did a wonderful job.


The Club also collected donations for CART and collected money via Happy Dollars, 50/50 tickets and about a dollar donation from our dinner fees for the Club. As previously mentioned, our members also contributed to the Thanksgiving Basket and Holiday Stocking Projects.


The Club Foundation contributed a total of $10,000 to Disaster Aid, RYLA and Student Scholarships. The Foundation also donated $500 to Lt. Jordan for his work with local students.


Many of our Club members participate in District and Worldwide Rotary Projects.


Judy continues to lead the District RYLA Project and is helped by Mary and several of our other members including Ed. This year our Club Foundation funded 6 RLYA slots and, with help from Mary, funded 5 Jr. RYLA slots. We were one of the top Clubs funding wise.


Bob, of course, is the leader of the Disaster Aid Project that has helped numerous hurricane and other disaster victims. Dr. Bill, Mary, Scott, Judy and our entire Club provides support for this wonderful project which provides water, shelter, etc. to disaster victims.


Joe continues to assist Jimmie Gorski, our Assistant District Governor, as the Area Membership Coordinator. Joe, Judy and Pat also plan to help with the District Scholarship Interviews in the New Year.


We have had several members participate in Districtwide training programs including the Opioid Conference, RLI and the Membership Development training. Of special note is that Roz just graduated from the final phase of RLI. Dr. Bill has also started attend Pre-PETS In preparation to become President.


We have added three Honorary members this year so far and three prospects have completed the Club Orientation Program. They should be inducted into the Club shortly. We also have several prospects who are contemplating membership. We thankfully haven’t lost any members this year. Judy, Mary and Sharon have been working diligently on plans for a satellite club tied to a local high school and to develop potential Rotaract and Interact Clubs in the area.


Judy, Sharon and Mary also hosted two meetings working with our members to develop ideas for local community service projects as well as new member recruitment.


We have continued our interest in developing a water project for Nigeria. Dr. Bill and Olive have joined up to work on this idea.


We have changed back to a smaller meeting room and have been working hard to promote fellowship within the Club. We have had several Happy Hour/ Open House meetings. We plan to continue these Happy Hour/ Open House sessions about every 6 weeks. We hope again to promote fellowship and to assist recruitment of prospective new members.


We have elected an excellent slate of Officers for the next Rotary year and have assigned assistant Chairs to most committees to help smooth the transition to the new administration. We have also had several Classification Talks to promote friendships.


We were proud to be the first Club this year to have the District Governor visit. ADG Jimmie Gorski has visited several times. We have had many great weekly programs thanks to the help of many of our members. Our Club committees have functioned well with most members fulfilling their assigned duties in excellent fashion. Our members have been very willing to jump in when help has been needed.


According to rough calculations, our members have donated at least 2194.5 to Rotary from July 1, 2017 until the end of November 2017. At a low $20 per hour that calculates to $43,910.00. This does not count December 2017. A pretty impressive donation!


Thanks to Mary, Judy, Dr. Bill and Pat, we have significantly improved our internet presence. We’ve updated our website and have kept it current. We’ve tried our best to update DACdb. Judy has kept us on MeetUp and Dr. Bill has continued his excellent work on our FACEBOOK page. Billy and other members have provided beautiful pictures for these sites.


For a Club of 17 with only about 14 members able to actively participate, I feel that we have accomplished much in only six months. We have involved every member in many activities and have had virtually every member assume one or more leadership roles as part of these projects.  In the upcoming six months, we have many things to look forward to: the Al Maier Mystery Dinner, Charter Night and the District Conference. Lots of good programs and several Happy Hour/ Open Houses. We need to concentrate on continued membership expansion, more localized community service projects and maybe a new fundraiser. We need to help the new administration have a smooth transition.


Thanks for your dedication to Rotary!



Joe Slert
Prince George's Rotary Club


HPGC (Bladensburg) Rotary