HPGC (Bladensburg) Rotary

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PGC Club Contacts

Brown, rochelle

phone: 240-676-1205

email: rochelleb4@yahoo.com

Candelaria, roger

phone: 301-731-6622

email: rcandel@umd.edu

cappuccilli, judy

phone: 301-332-4207

email: jdcapp@verizon.net

duboyce, bill

phone: 410-956-8036

email: billydubes@hotmail.com

dudley, mary

phone: 301-753-6520

email: mdudley@dchweb.org

goldsmith, joanne

phone: 410-998-9077

email: jtgold9911@comcast.net

grill, bob

phone: 301-758-1499

email: bobgrill@earthlink.net

Hoglund, john

phone: 301-577- 5855

email: jnhoglund@aol.com

Holmgrain, Floyd

phone: 301-464-1872

email: HolmFH@comcast.net



HPGC (Bladensburg) Rotary