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What it means to serve.

Christine Brown

Service above Self is the Rotary mission and motto, but let's take a few steps back and ask, what does it really mean to serve?

We derive the word 'serve' from the word 'servant,' someone who performs duties for others. A servant is described as someone who helps; one who supports. Now, we reconstruct the word and apply it to those who are in need. People in third world countries, those who have suffered from natural disasters and those who are homeless.

Although, we should service our global community, let's not neglect those we can serve around us. The people in our local community; our next door neighbors, the older woman at the supermarket struggling to carry her groceries, the child that just fell off his bike and scraped his knee, the man ahead of you in line who cannot seem to find that last dollar to pay the cashier the total amount, the friend who just lost a relative; let's be sensitive to the everyday human need.

To serve means to care. It means to show compassion to everyone. We can take our first steps into a better tomorrow by adjusting our view of service. When we all come together and realize the impact we have united, the world can and will become stronger, and essentially greater.

HPGC (Bladensburg) Rotary